The reason why my brother and I did not grow up together is another one of those stories that can never be told. What I can say is:

We were born three years apart but share the same birthday which is on the 6th day of the 8th month.
He always knew he had a sister "out there" but I never knew I had a brother until that one day.....  I was in Maine, sitting on a beach with my mother and looking out over the ocean. As usual, I was sharing my most "uplifting" philosophy in regard to the purpose of life.   With a smile on my face I said, "This Viking blood line of ours will soon be ended on this earth".  The reply was, "No......  you have a brother".  Then I could get no more information.  When my brother and I were separated, a "deal" had been made that I was never to know.  "A deal is a deal" so I had to abide by it.  Not too long afterwards, I received a birthday card and in it were the words: "Happy Birthday Janice, you are three years older than my son." I had no idea who this person was and for sure I did not know anyone from Arizona. I sought information and then the pursuit of my brother began. I called my mother and asked, "Do you know a Nancy Doherty?" My mother was shocked for it was Nancy who did not want me to know. People can say whatever they want about my mother but she always kept her word. I was in the hospital and my mother lived on the streets and was pregnant with my brother. People don't understand that when you live on the streets, your choices are very limited. Survival is all that matters.

If my brother and I were not relatives, we probably would not know how to communicate with one another. Our paths, most likely, would have never crossed. He is a cattleman and a Southern, ultra conservative in Louisiana. He lives with his family way out in the country with a bunch of cows.  I am a social worker and a Northern, ultra liberal and live in a major city with a bunch of thugs!  We disagree on every significant social issue just as the two "Jesse's" (Helms and Jackson) disagree.

When you look at this picture of my brother, posed in his pristine outfit and holding a plastic stuffed animal..... how could he be anything else but a Republican?


When you look at this picture of me, standing on a corner with my shoes three or four sizes too big and wearing a hat I found in the alley where someone else had thrown it away in a trash can..... how could I be anything else but a Democrat?

Why can't people be more like brothers and sisters and learn to co-exist with each other's differences?   Why must there be so much hate between those who disagree politically with one another? Why must there be so much hate between those of different faiths? Why must there be so much hate between those who are born of a different skin color?   Here we are brother and sister having fun playing golf despite the fact that there were alligators on this course.  The "alligators" did not stop us from enjoying each other's company.


We could have had lots of fun playing with "our" puppy.