The Flame Is Felt By All

Jefferson James was a church-going man,
But suddenly he just quit.
There was left in the pew now an empty space,
Where he would usually sit.

The church, Jeff felt, he did not need,
He could do it all alone.
He didn't need people to worship with,
He didn't need to be shown.

The preacher decided to Jefferson's house,
A visit he would make.
He decided to go there all alone,
No others he wanted to take.

Jefferson bid the preacher come in,
By the fireplace they sat on the floor.
They greeted each other most cordially,
But spake not one word more.

Silently there the two of them sat,
The silence incredibly long.
Then the preacher moved an ember away,
With one of the fireplace tongs.

Apart from the burning ember group,
The single one lost its glow.
Then back into the fiery group,
Twas pushed by the preacher's toe.

The flame then from the fiery coals,
Engulfed the single ember.
And now infused with fire from all,
Of the group twas again a member.

Jefferson stood with tears in his eyes,
He turned to the preacher and spake.
"That was a powerful sermon, sir.
An awakening in me did make."

So Jefferson returned to the empty pew,
Again sat among his brothers.
And the love of God was amplified,
Through the presence of the others.