(People often send e-mails with stories meant to hearten or cause reflection upon what is truly important in a life. May you also be encouraged by some of these stories.)

  An Old Man and His Dog.

  The Two Generals.

  Too Busy For A Friend.

  The Butterfly.

  The Rock.

   A Sandpiper To Bring You JOY.

  The Most Beautiful Heart.

 The Cab Ride.

  A Lesson From An Elder.

  Ice Cream For The Soul.


   How You Start Your Day Tomorrow.


The Mouse Trap.

Listen Or Wait For The Brick.

All That God Does, He Does Well.

   The Innocence Of A Child.

  The Fence.

  The Sense Of A Goose.

  I Am Thankful That....

  Barefoot Angel.

   If God Should Speak.


  Love For Others.


  A Letter From Jesus.

  Who I Am Makes A Difference.



  Breakfast At McDonald's.

  The Blind Boy.

  A Penny.

  How To Install Love.

  One Hour Of Time.

  The Window.

  Joy In The Journey.

  Love For Real.


  Shay: God's Plan.

  The Rabbi's Smile.

  You Never Lose Your Value.

  Making Sandcastles.

Look Beyond.

  A Call At Midnight.

  The Flame Is Felt By All.

  Whatever Is Offered.

  The Real Meaning Of Peace.

  What He Valued Most.

  My New Day.

  The Power Of God.